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What do you know about naturopathy?

An ancient science of drugless system of healing based on application of five basic elements of nature, i.e. space, air, water, fire and earth. Naturopathy is widely accepted, recognised internationally and an independent system of medicine/ healing.

Fundamentally naturopathy is known to refresh and rejuvenate a human body and mind. Different practices of naturopathy are derived from ancient books. These treatments have no side effects known but only health benefits.

Naturopathy treats the human body as a whole. It treats a person mentally, physically, socially and also spiritually at the same time. A person suffering from some ailment needs the treatment. The primary reason of a disease/ disorder/ an ailment is the accumulation of waste matter in the body.

This morbid material after getting favorable conditions encourages the bacterial or viral infection in the affected body and makes a person ill. So eventually the treatment of all the disease in naturopathy starts from getting rid of this unwanted material present in different parts of the human body.

Salient features of naturopathy.

The human body itself is a natural healer. It has healing power to prevent itself from any diseases and regain health like before. Not only simple ailments, patients suffering from chronic diseases are also cured by naturopathy.

In naturopathy it is said that only food is the actual medicine, no external medication is provided to the patient. Only the pattern and ingredients of the food provided to a sick person is different from the normal meals.

According to the patient’s spiritual faith the prayers are also performed and it is an important part of naturopathy treatment.

Different modes of Naturopathy

Naturopath follows many techniques to cure an unhealthy person. They choose the treating method according to the nature of the disease. Few of the approaches are explained below:

Diet therapy

A balanced food is essential for a human body seeking a good health. This therapy explains that the food must be taken in its natural form. Sprouts and raw, fresh, seasonal fruits and leafy vegetables are the best. This diet is alkaline in nature so it helps to progress immunity, improve heath and purify the body.

We can divide this diet into three types:

  • Eliminative diet: Vegetable soups, wheat grass, lemon juice, coconut water and butter milk etc.
  • Constructive diet: Brown rice, wholesome flour, little pulses, curd etc.
  • Soothing diet: Fruits, salads, boiled/ steamed vegetables, sprouts etc.

Fasting therapy

Fasting is described as the complete abstain from all kinds of food and drinks or only foods for certain period of time. Fasting is purely based upon the willingness of the patient and an important treatment model of health preservation. Prolong fasting should be avoided in the beginning but if essential then should be followed under the observation of a good naturopath.

Methods of fasting

Water, juices fruit or raw vegetables are a good option but lime juice is the best practice. During fasting body burns up accumulated waste elements and huge amount of it is excreted. All sort of alkaline juices help this process.

Hydro Therapy

Hydrotherapy is treatment of disorders with the help of water application by different methods. Hydrotherapy also includes temperature effect of water on the human body for example hot water baths and cold-water baths, sauna baths, wraps etc. Taking bath in ponds, rivers, waterfalls has been the traditional form of hydro therapy in our country which is not very common these days.

Benefits of Hydro Therapy

Generally, hot water soothes and relaxes the body, slowing down the activity of most of the internal organs. On the other hand, cold water stimulates, strengthens and increases internal activities in the body.

Mud Therapy

Mud therapy is the simplest and cheapest therapy. Mud is one of the five elements, helps to recover sickness and improves health. In mud therapy black mud in the form of paste is applied all over. Black colour of the mud has the tendency to absorb sun rays into the body.

Benefits of Mud Therapy

It keeps your body cool as the mud helps to retain moisture in the body and stimulus the circulatory system of all organs.

Massage Therapy

Massage therapy is highly stimulating and essential for maintaining good health. In India this practice starts from the day a child is born by the elderly women in the families mostly. It begins so early to ensure the growth of every part of the body of the new born child. The purpose of massage is to improve blood circulation and strengthening different organs of the body. It can be a substitute of exercise who are not able to do so. There are more than 80 methods of massage known to humanity. Message can be applied with the help of different organs like hands, fingers, feet, elbows, fore arm and many other.

Various oils like mustard oil, sesame oil, olive oil, coconut oil and aroma oils are used for massage due to their therapeutic values. Different techniques like touch, stroke, rub, vibrate and joint movement are the important part of massage according to the ailment a person is suffering from.

Benefits of Massage Therapy

It encourages the circulatory system, tones up the nervous system, increases the efficiency of immune system and strengthens the muscular system of the whole body. It relaxes mind and body, relieves pains and regulates sleeping. It also helps to flush out the toxins and poisonous substances accumulated in different parts of the body through lungs, skin, bowels and kidneys.

Magnet Therapy

Therapeutic magnets of different powers are applied to human body to treat and cure many ailments. It is simplest, cheapest and painless clinical system. Knees, wrist, abdomen etc. are treated by magnetic belts, necklace, and bracelets.

Benefits of Magnetic Therapy

The aim is to balance the energy in the body and improve the circulation of given area.

Chromo therapy

Treatment through colours is called chromo therapy. VIBGYOR colours violet, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange, red, all the colours of sunlight have different impact on human body. These colours work very effectively in various treatments. Water is filled in the bottles of different colours and kept in sun rays for a particular time. Then this water is used to cure different disorders. The device used in the treatment is bottles of different colours.

Benefits of chromo Therapy

This alternative and complementary treatment have great impression on the nervous system. It treats insomnia, schizophrenia and improves growth of white blood cells.


Pressing the key areas called ‘acu points’, with the help of fingers or some blunt object to stimulate body’s natural curative tendency is called acupressure. It is ancient art of healing where pressure points are used to release muscular tension and activate flow of blood.

Benefits of Acupressure

Relieving headaches, sinus problem, neck pain, muscle ache, back ache, ulcer pains, menstrual cramps, ulcer pain, arthritis, constipation, insomnia, anxiety all are very effectively treated by acupressure.


Latin word ‘acus’ means needle and ‘pungere’ is to prick. So, procedure of inserting the fine filiform needles and manipulating into particular point of a body is known as acupuncture. This is used to relieve pain from the body. This treatment method is popular among Chinese since the stone age. To balance the yin and Yang energy is the main aim of acupuncture.

Benefits of Acupuncture

This treatment method is used to cure allergies, nausea, different body pains, rheumatic arthritis, cervical problems etc.

In the end we can say that an ancient science naturopathy offers peace, promotes wellness to the body and mind and acts as relaxation, antidepressants, resistance to disease and a life force agent. We are proud to witness this conventional system of treatment in the service on mankind since centuries.

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